Technical Websites

Type 3 Home This is the "home" of the Type 3 specimen on the internet. Here you'll find instructions on how to subscribe to the Type 3 e-mail list (a vital resource for every Type 3 owner). You can also search the archives for past discussions or visit the "Owner's Manual" for information on the Type 3. There are also tech and classified sections.
Russ! Russ is one of the all-around good guys on the Type 3 list. Always there with a helping hand for the folks who are having trouble with their beloved VW's. A VW mechanic since 1965, he knows these cars inside and out. His VW Documents page has a lot of useful info as well, but I can't find it linked from his main page.
Dave Hall's Type 3 & 4 Club Dave Hall's website is a virtual encyclopedia of information on the Type 3 and Type 4 VW. If you're looking for paint or engine codes, wiring diagrams, a list of factory options or just about anything else, you'll probably find it here. There's also a parts interchangeability list in case you can't find that Type 3-specific part.
ICBM Toby Erkson's website is a must-see for any Type 3 owner. Check out the "Tuning Click-n-View" for pages and pages of technical information on your Type 3, along with "lightside" and "darkside" information and customizations.
Aircooled.Net Tech Talk Aircooled.Net has a baker's dozen tech articles, all of which are thoroughly detailed. Some cover basic maintenance items, while others will show you how to squeeze every ounce of power (safely) from your aircooler.
John Jaranson's Homepage Lots of information here that you won't find anywhere else, including info on suspension theory, composites, aerodynamics and more. Other sections show his progress with '66 Squareback, "Sophy," and his fantastic VW artwork.
2.0 Conversion What does it take to put a 2.0 Type IV engine into a '69 Squareback? Check out the step-by-step modifications here on Wilson Webb's Squareback Conversion page.
Rob and Dave's Page Rob and Dave's "Pages for the ShadeTree Mechanic" are a must-visit if you're at all new to aircooled VW's. Most of the information here is beetle-centric, but can also be applied to the Type 3 as well.
Mazda-Powered VWs Some consider Wankel-powered VW's the ultimate conversion. All you ever wanted to know about rotary engines in VWs is right here, along with forums on Subaru and other coversions too.