Well, here it is. Getting into VW's again. What mysteries will we find when we start pulling this beauty apart? I already know it's going to need a new package tray at some point. The battery tray has been replaced recently. The cable pull for the fuel filler is missing. The passenger lock doesn't work. No headliner. Need to be raised up back to normal stance. The cooling tin has all been replaced with chrome (yipes), the fat exhaust pipes need to go. The fuel line runs under the car. The transmission linkage needs something adjusted. Horn doesn't work. Dashpad was installed but grab bar never added. No passenger mirror. Paint is bubbling and chipping in a number of places, showing the previous paint color (yellow). 009 Distributor needs to be put back to stock. That's just the stuff I know. Will be adding a new site at some point to go over what I hope is eventually a complete restoration back to something resembling stock on this fellow and hopefully get him healed and happy!